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5 Tips for Creating a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

When you’re outsourcing your next telesales campaign, the following points may seem simple, but they are essential for constructing a meaningful and profitable campaign. You wouldn’t approach other parts of your marketing or sales strategy without having clear goals, strong evaluation tools and excellent methods to work with – don’t make exceptions here:

Know your goals…
You need to know exactly what you want from this campaign. Besides an increase in sales, what other collateral information would you like to collect from your prospects? You’ll also need to know what targets you’ve set and how you’re going to measure and evaluate the results.

Unscripted calling…
Our reps always sound unscripted. They take the time to learn the products and offers so they understand fully what they are calling about and what they’re hoping to gain from the call. We always give them room to improvise from the basic outline of the conversation. They are given your talking points and allowed the flexibility to react to what’s happening in the moment so that the conversation is professional and fluid. No one wants to talk to a robot following a strict script. We find this approach keeps your prospects satisfied and more importantly, your revenues up. Building relationships also allows for future opportunities.

Timely follow-up…
If you tell someone that you are going to follow-up on a call within a certain time-frame – do it! Whether you’ve promised to call again, send information or make an appointment, it is essential that you deliver. It is especially important if another department does the calling. There should be excellent communication and relaying of information to make sure this contact is picked up quickly and responded to efficiently.  Our reps schedule follow-up calls and emails, make appointments, share video links, whatever it takes to “get the job done”.

Know who you’re talking to…
Finding the best prospect is not always easy. If you need to speak with a particular person or department then you need to make sure that you get to the correct source. The first step is to make sure your data is up to date! The second is being persistent and making any gatekeepers your friend – building a rapport and eventually get through to the person you need.  Our reps “soft-sell unscripted approach” lends itself to getting beyond the gatekeepers and keeping the call moving in a positive direction.

Don’t be afraid of voicemail…
One thing people really dislike about ‘cold calls’ is their impersonal nature and inconvenient timing. If you find yourself calling at awkward times…    leave a voicemail. People would rather know who was trying to reach them than hear a hang up. It also prepares them for your follow-up call.  Our reps leave friendly, unscripted voice messages, detailing the reason for their call and encouraging a call back.  We find by leaving professional and concise messages our reps have another “talking point” to refer to when making the next calling attempt.

BONUS!  A Positive Focus
To keep the call positive, pleasant and ‘soft’, make sure you’re focusing on the features and benefits of the service or product you are offering. Our reps are hired and trained for that attitude and how well they fit our corporate culture by providing a friendly, sincere and honest working environment.  Because we immerse our sales reps in this culture it reflects in their discussions and how prospects and clients react to them during calls. Asking questions will get a prospect to engage in the conversation. You will learn more about what they need and the best way to offer it by asking them questions and building trust so they will ask questions too. The more conversational it is, the more likely the call will produce positive results.  This approach method dovetails with our “soft-sell” unscripted, friendly approach in providing outbound calling services.

Outbound calling is an undervalued tool. APCC can make a real impact for you by embarking on a campaign that is customer-focused, conversational and engaging. Choose the best outbound call center that fits both your financial goal and your corporate culture – give APCC’s Andrew Conti a call to discuss how to get the most from your next outbound sales or telemarketing campaign at 617.852.6413 or via email at

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