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At America’s Premier Call Center (APCC), our friendly, professional calling representatives are hand-selected from the finest central Pennsylvania has to offer. We’re based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania – home of Little League baseball. You just can’t get more American than that!  Our friendly, experienced, and trained customer service reps have clear, neutral-American accents so you are assured your company’s mission and message come through loud and clear.

APCC Call CenterAPCC’s corporate culture is one of inclusion, everyone has a voice and they are encouraged to make suggestions and take ownership of each and every project as if they were on your in-house staff.

Our call center team reaches out to thousands of prospects a day… professionally selling products, renewals and collecting information. Let APCC help you meet your financial goals, improve relationships with your customers or support your in-house sales team by providing qualified leads.

APCC MonitoringAll of our call center professionals know how to ask the right questions, assess the caller’s needs, understand when to present offers and close the deal with a “soft touch” approach. Our dedicated team is trained to assess opportunities and to make the most of each call. We are always professional, concise and service-driven.

The APCC Guarantee
We monitor your program from the very start to make sure that you are profitable and successful. During the ramp up test process, we brainstorm and implement tweaks as needed to ensure that we get up to speed fast. We keep close contact with you and can modify the program when necessary to assure your success.

So – what are you waiting for? America’s Premier Call Center is ready to take you to the next level. Call us today!   Contact us here.

SOC Audit Certified
* PCI compliant and SOC Audited and certified.

 Services | Contact Us   APCC is a division of PSA – est. 1998.